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"We generate the driving force of business through continuous innovation and engineering."

ATECH SNS offers smart, one-stop alternative fuel solutions for engine and transportation.

We design, manufacture, and service engine control system and powertrain module for alternative fuel engine and vehicle.

We focus on low-volume production, our engine production line is to meet variable customer demand.

Engine Dress Up

  Over 80,000 LP engines produced since 2009

  •     Packaging for mechanical components

  •     Packaging for all electrical components

  •     Performance, emissions, diagnostic calibration

  •     CARB and EPA certification work training

           and installation documentation

  •     Systems technical support and warranty

  •     Application: Forklift / Power  Generation/  

          Speed Spray / Sub Engine / Marine / ...

"power generator engine"

"We manufacture and supply engines for generators of various applications, including gas generators, gas compressors, and gas pump engines, utilizing NG/LPG/BIO gas, to meet the needs of regions rich in natural gas resources. We also develop customized products to meet the requirements of global power generation companies. Currently, four models based on Hyundai engines are being prepared for production."

 "alternative technology systems and solutions"

Our extensive experience and knowledge enable us to provide custom system solutions for your application.

We are an active business in low emission engines and alternative energy.

"We have been continuously pursuing innovative projects such as industrial low-emission engines, LNG yard tractors, CNG vehicles, and the Kia Motors Bongo 3 BI-FUEL vehicle, all grounded in the latest technological trends and diverse experiences.

These efforts have resulted in ongoing research and development that can be directly applied in real-world scenarios."


"As an authorized systems integrator for WOODWARD in the United States, we have diligently worked to find solutions. Throughout this process, we have collaborated with partner companies to gain new knowledge and insights, thereby promoting growth."

"Additionally, we are actively engaged in the development of solutions to meet customer demands, as well as conducting continuous research and development in emerging energy technologies such as secondary batteries and hydrogen energy."

"Research and Development"


 Over 200 items for engine sub-parts except for engine block

  •      Catalyst muffler

  •      Engine harness  

  •      Spark plug                    

  •      Intake, Exhaust manifold 

  •      Coolant pipe, Pulley                         

  •      Ignition coil, Alternator 

  •      Gasket, Bracket, Adapter, Belt        

  •      Fitting, Bolt 

  •      Flywheel housing                             

 Engine parts

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