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Growing, Contribution, Happiness


Makes constant efforts to hand over an environmentally sound and economically prosperous future to our next generation.

"ATECHSNS will be with everybody dreaming for a better futuristic world"
Although worlds dreamt by respective persons may be different, worlds dreamt by everybody are thought to be the same. Life with a certain future instead of an uncertain future, dreams desiring better happiness and plentiful life.


Thus, ATECHSNS has been striving last several years for the development of low-emission engines and alternative fuel vehicles in order to propose an alternative for the future environment and currently supplying low-emission engines to Korea’s prominent companies based on hitherto accumulated technical skills and manufacturing knowhow, continuously developing low emission vehicles and special vehicles found on these past performances, and performing fleet services to the emission engines and alternative fuel vehicles.


All the staff at ATECHSNS will also propose a new alternative to vehicular, mechanical-related businesses in terms of manufacturing, service, and distribution in order to realize the dreams and be a global forerunner company along with the dreams.


Thank you.


Principle-based and creative business-spirited ATECHSNS has a desire to contribute to customers, and moreover to societies and human beings with a sustainable development and based thereon, which can be, we opine, realized through mutual interaction like meshed saw-tooth wheels. Those three elements are contained in our management philosophy.

  • Have Dream

The meaning of having a dream is a wish and a desire to realize something. Dream is an intangible existence, and a driving force capable of making infinite energy having no limit in its existence.

  • Make Dream

It is essential to have a ceaselessly striving and challenging spirit in order to realize a dream. It is also essential to have a basic-founded and creative idea for realizing the infinite energy of a dream, which is one of the core points capable of realizing the dream whereby the dream can be realized.

  • Share Dream

Shared dreams allow sharing the value of dreams, providing perpetuity, and making a better happier world together.

Corporate Identity

"ATECHSNS will be with the world in which all dream"

Our company’s symbol is made by diagramming capital A from ATECHSNS, which contains the meaning of “first, top, and sustainable growth”.

The diagrammed capital A includes a meaning emphasizing that a role as a global leader in technical skills and marketing is important.

The color ‘red’ on the symbol contains meanings of passion and challenge and includes our creed challenging toward the dream.

Furthermore, the meaning of connection by the symbol situated in the middle expresses mutual cooperation, harmony, technical skills from present to future, and a system capable of connecting the foregoing, and our role to a solution thereto.

R&D achievement

1996 Development for the first CNG City Bus in Korea
1998 Build two CNG City bus for a trial run in Incheon city
1999 Development for HD MPI CNG Engine Control System
2004 EPA/CARB Tier 2 Compliance engine production
2005 Development for the first 1ton CNG bi fuel truck in Korea
2006 EPA/CARB Tier 3 Compliance engine production
2007 Demonstration CNG minibus repowering(Coaster) in Peru
2008 Established ‘ATECH SNS’
2009 Demonstration CNG Minibus for HMC HD72 in Indonesia
2010 Development GT301 CNG conversion kit in Bangladesh
2011 CNG Repowering in Thailand with HMC Q340
2013 Development LNG Yard Tractor in Pusan New Port
2015 Development 45kW LPG Genset for distributed power.
2016 EPA/CARB TIER 4 Compliance Engine Production
2017 Development light duty refuse dumping truck for MOE
2018 Production light duty refrigerator logistic truck
2019 The development of powertrain adapter of forklift
2023 "LAMBDA2 3.8L LPG Industrial Engine Development"

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